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My map is not working how to rectify


  • Hina started the conversation

    I have so many updates on the dashboard how do i update it and also if i update will there be any problem and also my google map is not working how to make this oktan website a ecommerce website.

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    Andrey replied

    Hello Dear Hina!

    Don't worry, this is just a notice, but you need to use an SSL connection in order to increase your security level.

    There are a lot of issues that occurred with Google Maps last time.

    In this case, we recommend you use this nice tool:

    Chose your location, zoom, width, and height for the map.
    Copy the HTML code and insert it in the Text Block element between divs tags via Unyson Page Builder:

    Save all changes and you'll receive a nice result:

    Please try it and use it.

    Best Regards!