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not able to change the theme color


  • utmstarboy started the conversation

    hello sir/ma'am 

    I,m using this theme oktan wordpress theme overflowOktan - oil & gas industry but there is some bug in it i'm not able to change the color of the theme ples help me with this and I try to change the color in >Customizing > Theme Options >Theme Color Scheme in selection 1  i changed the color but after publishing its getting the default color . so ples help me with this.  

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    Andrey replied

    Hello Dear Customer!

    Please provide us with the following info:
     Link/login/password for your WP Dashboard and we will assist you.

    Best Regards!

  • utmstarboy replied

    Ples let me know in post  sorry but I cant share login id and password

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    Andrey replied

    Dear Customer!

    Please use this stable version of the WP-SCSS plugin: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WXuLwtf226TW5MgG9eWKTOn1I8YkFcvs/view?usp=sharing

    Don't update it, because the latest version of this plugin works incorrectly.

    We suppose that the developer of this plugin will fix these issues soon.

    Best Regards!